AHSO Newsletter, 11-11-2016

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Happy Veterans Day!  Thank you to all who have served our country官方app彩票下载安装.

Veteran’s Day Performance

Special thanks to our string quartet of Michelle C., Richard C., Alan K., and Andrew M. for performing tonight at the City of Alpharetta’s Veteran’s Day Ceremony. Your hard work will be appreciated by many.

Quote of the week

“Your performance tomorrow depends on your learning today” -Fred Shoemaker

Solo & Ensemble Performance Evaluation

Solo & Ensemble is tomorrow Saturday, November 11 at Inman Middle School.  The AHS student’s times are in the PDF below.


Students should arrive 20 minutes prior to their performance time and can leave when they are done.  Students should be “dressed up” as to represent AHS in a positive way.

Place: Samuel M. Inman Middle School.  For directions to the event, please use the address 774 Virginia Avenue NE; Atlanta; 30306.

Self-Assessment Listening Assignment #1

Students will complete an online listening assignment and self-assess. See the links below to your individual assignments.

Due Wednesday, November 16 at 11:59 PM.  Late submissions will have a reduced grade.

Full Orchestra

Symphony Members:  Full Orchestra rehearsal will begin on Monday, November 14. Please be prepared with both the Schubert and Anderson.

Fulton County Honor Orchestra

The following orchestra students auditioned into the Fulton County Schools Honor Orchestra.  They will perform their concert next Wednesday at Centennial High School at 7:00 PM under the guest direction of Dr. Nathaniel Parker from Kennesaw State University.

Congratulations to:

  • Jenny H., violin
  • Eileen L., violin
  • Nicole H., violin
  • Ida V., violin
  • Philip M., viola
  • Emma S., viola
  • Daniel B., double bass

We are proud of you and thankful you will be representing the AHS Orchestra!

Winter Concert

Our preparations for the Winter Concert are well underway!  The concert will be on Thursday, December 8 at 7:00 PM.

We will be joined by the 8th grade orchestra students from Webb Bridge and Hopewell Middle Schools and are excited to meet them and hear their performance.

Students should plan on staying after 官方app彩票下载安装 on concert day and will need to bring their uniform with them in the morning. We will have a rehearsal with the middle 官方app彩票下载安装 students and for our combined finale piece.  Students will be served a pizza dinner.  More details will follow.

All-State 9/10 Excerpts – CORRECTION

The piece titles and tempi were missing from round two all-state audition excerpts.  Please of the excerpts.

Fall Concert 2016 Photos

Special thanks to Mr. Prince for taking some incredible photos of our Fall Concert!  !

Orchestra T-Shirts

The new orchestra t-shirts have been ordered and should be here soon!  Who is excited?  AHS Orchestra Spirit!!