Orchestra Newsletter 09-17-2017

官方app彩票下载安装 Practice

All students should be practicing regularly at 官方app彩票下载安装. Orchestra students’ daily 官方app彩票下载安装work includes learning all notes, rests, and rhythms for all music in the folder. Students should come to class with their music prepared. To maximize efficiency, students should practice on areas of their music that are the most difficult and should not simply play through the part. Careful, slow practice is the best. You should not sound “good” while practicing!!

Daily rehearsals in class are focused on building and refining the ensemble sound, not learning notes. A rehearsal should include work on ensemble articulation, precision, blend, balance, dynamics, phrasing, and more.

Please do your part by practicing and coming to class prepared!!

Folder & Pencil Check

Students – we will have a folder check in class tomorrow (Monday, September 18). Please be sure you have your music folders, complete with every piece and your name written on each piece. You should also have all fingering/bowing changes marked on your music.

“Fall Back To Mozart” Concert

Our first concert is entitled “Fall Back to Mozart” and each orchestra will be featuring one piece by legendary Classical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Fall Concert is coming up quickly, especially because we lost three rehearsal days last week due to the storm. Students, please see the note above on practicing!!

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, September 28 at 7:00 PM. As always, the concerts are free and open to the public, so invite your friends and families!

Students should plan on arriving at about 6:00 PM dressed in full uniform.  This concert should last about an hour.

Concert Photos & Video

If you are able to video record or take photos at the concert, I would greatly appreciate it.  Please let Dr. Laux know if you are able to help! There’s always so much going on and I love having quality shots to share on the website and would like to fill up our YouTube channel with more concert video.

Concert Expectations

  • Students must be in proper concert attire.  Failure to do so will result in a lowered concert grade (15% of your semester grade)
  • Students must stay for the entire concert, regardless of when they perform.
  • Students should be on their best behavior as both a performer and audience member.
  • There should be no talking during the performances
  • All electronic devices should be switched OFF during the concert and should not be brought on stage.
  • Students are expected to help with tear down and final clean up.

Concert Cafe

At each concert, the AHSOA will have snacks, yummy treats and flowers for sale during our concert.


Dresses were distributed last week. Please note that most dresses will need to be hemmed by a seamstress.

Tuxedos will be delivered and distributed this Monday or Tuesday. Please ensure that your tuxedo fits properly.

Tanner Photography Family Portrait Fundraiser

Tanner Portrait Studio teams up with the Alpharetta High Schools Orchestra Association for a family portrait event! Don’t blink! Time flies and, sooner than you think, your student will be moving on to college! Now’s the time to take a great family portrait!

For a $25.00 DONATION TO AHSOA, the deal includes the sitting fee & an 11”X14” family portrait print, Courtesy of Tanner Family Portraits ($165.00 Value)

Photos will be taken at the beautiful Mill Creek Pond located at 30000 Mill Creek Ave in Alpharetta on Sunday, October 15 from 9:30am – 2:00pm. Don’t Wait! Sign up for a spot now as availability is limited!

Note: The offer is limited to one per family – Per School Season. In the event of inclement weather the photo sessions will be moved indoors to Tanner Studio 3050 Royal Blvd South, Suite 105 Alpharetta. For your convenience, additional prints will be available to order or purchase at your viewing appointment.

Direct Questions To: Sheila Glenn0McVay at glenn-mcvay@官方app彩票下载安装

Orchestra/String Events at KSU

North Georgia Honor Orchestra:

Application/online audition deadline is October 1

KSU School of Music Young Artists Competition:

KSU String Day:

Domino’s Slice the Price of Pizza Card Fundraiser

Domino’s cards will be distributed in class tomorrow, Monday, September 17.  Please ensure that the cards get delivered promptly and thank them for supporting the orchestra!

SPF (Student Participation Fee) Overdue

The Student Participation Fee of $120 is now overdue. These fees are very important for clubs, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities to be able to function at their highest .Please contact Dr. Laux if you need to make payment arrangements.