AHSOA Message 5-25-18

Parents, Please read the news below that was sent on behalf of the Alpharetta High School Orchestra Association (AHSOA).

We want your feedback!

Dear Parents,

The AHSOA has put together a short survey to get your feedback. Please complete this survey.  It should take just a few minutes.  (This survey is not for students.)

End of year message…

Dear Parents,

As we head into the summer, I would like to say thank you for all the support we have received through out the year. None of this would be possible without all your help, and we are incredibly grateful.

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2018! We are so proud of all the achievements of all our students and wish them continued success in the future.

I sign off with the announcement of our new AHSOA 2018-2019 board below:

  • President– Hong Yin
  • Vice President– Sherry Chen
  • Treasurer– Craig Sweat
  • Assistant Treasurer– Jean Wang
  • Fundraiser-Shuping Bao
  • Hospitality-Jenny Idichandy
  • Publicity/Travel– Sheila Glenn McVay* and Jackie Best
  • Secretary– Saloshni Pillay

* Thank you Sheila for staying on the board. This upcoming year will be her 6th year on the AHSOA board!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our graduating board members:  Dianne Holmquist, Jennifer Barket, and Ed Svitil. We have been so fortunate to have such hard working, smart, dedicated parents in this wonderful organization, and we wish you the best always. Thank you.

Lastly, we would like to thank Dr. Laux. Your care and dedication to all the students have not gone unnoticed and we very much appreciate all that you do for our children. Congratulations to you and AHSO for your upcoming performance at Midwest. We can’t wait to see how you will further enrich the orchestra.

Eddice Nguyen
AHSOA co-president

Graduation Information

Students should reserve the whole afternoon for our performance in the AHS graduation ceremony this Thursday, May 24 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (VWA).  This performance will count as their final examination grade.

Leadership will report to Verizon for unloading/unpacking at 1:45 PM.

EVERYONE should report to Verizon at 4:00 PM.   You should be in your seat, tuned, with music out before 4:15 PM


Please see that seating assignment sheet, find your name (listed alphabetically), and find your seat number.  Example:  #7-12 means seventh row and 12th chair in that row.  Please make a note of your seat number.

Graduation Seating Assignments 2018

Graduation Seating Chart 2018

There will be a break at about 5:30 where students can eat a snack or purchase from the VWA concessions. The ceremony will begin at 7:00 PM and go until approximately 9:00 or 9:30 PM.  Students must provide their own transportation to and from VWA (for themselves and their instrument).

Download the Graduation Information Sheet 2018

Detailed Itinerary & Information

10:00 am — Load truck during 3rd period
1:45 pm — Set-up Crew report to VWA stage (LEADERSHIP)
4:00 pm — ALL MUSICIANS report to at VERIZON (if you drive, parking lot “C”); uncase instruments in designated area – go immediately to the stage and be seated and tuned by 4:15 pm
4:15 pm – CALL TIME!! – Sound check and rehearse with engineers (orchestra tuned and already in place)

5:30 pm – Choir Rehearses and does sound check – strings, winds, percussion — go to instrumental musician’s backstage area – You may bring a snack and a small beverage or go to concession during this time. Use the restroom before you return to the stage at 6:30pm; no one can leave the stage during 2-hour graduation ceremony.
6:30pm — CALL to be on stage; final tuning before ceremony
6:50pm – “Throne Room & End Title” begins (Laux)
7:00pm – “Also Sprach Zarathustra” & “Pomp and Circumstance (Walsh) as Seniors enter, followed by the “Star Spangled Banner” (Jenkins)
9:00pm (very approx.) – Graduates are played out of the amphitheater to “Millennium” (Laux)


Music Order: 1. Thone Room, 2. Also Sprach, 3. Pomp & Circumstance, 4. Star Spangled Banner, 5. Millennium


* LEAVE MUSIC IN CLOSED FOLDERS ON CHAIR — LIBRARIANS WILL COLLECT. Pass clips to librarians, push stands down and turn tops over — help rack all music stands. CHORUS STUDENTS COLLAPSE RISERS and roll to the truck.
* Those using 官方app彩票下载安装 owned instruments are responsible for getting them back to the 官方app彩票下载安装 Tuesday morning or having them checked out in advance

* Leadership and loading crew (Chorus, Band, and Orchestra), report to the AHS Band Building for unloading of Truck — WE WILL UNLOAD SCHOOL AFTER GRADUATION (percussion cannot stay in truck over weekend).

PARKING — REMEMBER to use LOT “C” — DIRECTIONS FROM AHS — west on Webb Bridge towards downtown Alpharetta, then left on Westside Pkwy (towards Avalon); RIGHT on Maxwell Rd, continue past Encore Pkwy, then turn immediate left into Lot C


LADIES — Nice dresses that cover knees when seated (lady cellist/bassists may wear nice dress pants and a blouse) CLOSED TOE DRESS SHOES ONLY— NO OPEN TOE SANDALS, NO TENNIS SHOES

GENTLEMEN — Dress pants, Button down shirt with collar and neck tie. Sports or suit jacket. Dress Shoes, absolutely NO TENNIS SHOES, TOP SIDERS, NO OPEN TOE SANDALS – and NO WHITE SOCKSIIIIII

Please avoid bright colored clothing – performers should wear darker attire.

CASES — Tubas, cellos, string basses, baritones, tenor & baritone sax behind curtains cases closed and up against the wall. All other cases in the musician waiting area back stage.

Remember we are UNLOADING the truck IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING GRADUATION. Truck will be loaded at Band Room first then auditorium. ALL LEADERSHIP should plan on helping.

Midwest Meeting for Symphony Members 2018-2019

Dear AHS Symphony parents,

It is hard to believe that this 官方app彩票下载安装 year is drawing to a close. It has been an incredible year and I’m so excited to what is upcoming!  Congratulations to your child for auditioning into the AHS Symphony! We pride ourselves on continuing the tradition of excellence of orchestral performance at AHS.

As you have probably heard, the AHS Symphony Strings has been accepted to perform at The Midwest Clinic in Chicago.  The dates of the conference are December 19-22, 2018, however our exact performance time has not yet been announced. The Midwest Clinic is an international band and orchestra conference with a 72 year history. Each year there are over 17,000 attendees from 30+ countries.  The conference features over 50 concerts and 100 educational sessions among other activities. Being selected to perform at The Midwest Clinic is one of the most prestigious honors awarded to a 官方app彩票下载安装 music program.  Each year only a handful of high 官方app彩票下载安装 orchestras are selected to perform.  For more information about The Midwest Clinic, please see the attached promotional letter.

In an orchestra, the participation of each member of the ensemble is critical to the success of the ensemble. Due to the significance of this accomplishment and the rigor of the performance program, it is expected that every member of Symphony (and the new Chamber Orchestra) attend this trip. In 2006 the Winter Park High School Philharmonic performed at The Midwest Clinic under my direction and I know that the made a profound influence on those students and that a trip to Midwest has the potential to be a life-changing experience for our students as well. Personally, I can attest that my first Midwest performance was one of the highlights of my career thus far.

Our trip to Chicago will come up very quickly, particularly with summer break upon us.In order to effectively plan and inform you of everything that will take place, I would like to have a short meeting on Wednesday, May 23 at 7:00 pm in the orchestra room.  At the meeting we will discuss travel plans, costs, summer rehearsals, fundraising opportunities, and more. I would like to answer any questions you may have, and also gauge interest for parents who would like to serve as chaperones.

Please contact me should you be unable to attend this important meeting.  I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


Dr. Laux

Midwest Clinic – First Parent Letter 05-15-18

Midwest Clinic Promotional Letter

Newsletter 5-9-18

Spring Concert Wrap-Up

I was so blown away by the great Spring concert last week! Thank you, students, for your incredible performances last night! I am very proud of your efforts and improvement this year.

Special thanks to all of the parent volunteers for making the night so special! The pre-concert dinner was amazing and the Concert Cafe was spectacular, as always!!

If you have any photos to share, please share them with alpharettaorchestras@官方app彩票下载安装gmail.com

Awards Banquet Wrap-Up

Thank you to everyone who attended the annual orchestra awards banquet last Friday. It was a wonderful event and so nice to share the orchestra’s accomplishments!  Sorry for my teary eyes, but it will be hard not having the seniors return next year.

If you have any photos to share, please share them with alpharettaorchestras@官方app彩票下载安装gmail.com

Last Day for Recovery is tomorrow May 10!

Students please check your grades in 官方app彩票下载安装 Access Center and let Dr. Laux know if you have questions or concerns. If you have missing assignments, the last day to turn them in is this Thursday, May 10. Please communicate with Dr. Laux

Solo Performances Due

Each student is required to prepare and submit (online) a solo performance.  The literature is the student’s choice.  The deadline is Sunday, May 13 at 11:59 PM. 

Students will receive two separate grades for the solo:

  1. Submit the test on time.  Any late tests will be lowered by 11 points for each day late.  Submissions are time-stamped, so please plan ahead!
  2. The quality of your performance based on your playing level and ability.

Please submit your solo using .

Graduation Ceremony

Students should reserve the whole day for our performance in the graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 24 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (VWA).  A detailed information sheet was given to students today.  Students will be reporting to the VWA at 4:00 PM for rehearsal.  There will be a break at about 5:30 where students can eat a snack or purchase from the VWA concessions. The ceremony will begin at 7:00 PM and go until approximately 9:00 or 9:30 PM.  Students must provide their own transportation to and from VWA (for themselves and their instrument).

Download the Graduation Information Sheet 2018

Leadership Meeting (2018-2019)

Our first leadership meeting for the new 2018-2019 team will be held on Monday, May 14 after 官方app彩票下载安装.  We will discuss graduation and some events for next year.

Orchestra Travel for the 2018-2019 School Year

We will soon be releasing tentative trip information for the 2018-2019 官方app彩票下载安装 year, so stay tuned!!

  • Spring Break Cruise – all orchestras invited!
  • Midwest Clinic in Chicago – Symphony only (mandatory)