Chaperones still needed for LGPE Trips

Dear parents,

I hope you enjoyed our LGPE Preview concert last night. The students did well and today we listened to the audio recordings today to find areas that we could improve.  I’m sure our upcoming performances will be spectacular.

I writing to request chaperones for our upcoming trips. 

Concet and Philharmonia will perform on Tuesday 2/12. Sinfonia performs earlier on 2/14 while Chamber and symphony perform later that evening.

Please use this link to sign up to help.

Newsletter 2-4-19

It’s amazing how fast January came and went!  It’s been fast and furious this semester, so my apologies for the delay in sending this newsletter.

LGPE Preview Concert

Our LGPE Preview concert will be this Thursday, February 7 starting at 6:30 PM.  Each orchestra will perform their three LGPE selections. We hope that you will be there to hear the orchestras’ work.

Playing Tests

So far we have had two playing tests. Students are expected to record their video at 官方app彩票下载安装, upload to YouTube and submit the required form.  To access what the playing tests are, please see below for the class calendars. The playing test grades will be posted soon.

Class Calendars

The class calendars have been updated to add additional information that will be essential for students.  Assignments, links, and more are on the class calendar pages. Here are links to the calendars:

  1. Concert 
  2. Philharmonia 
  3. Sinfonia 
  4. Symphony 
  5. Chamber 

Participation Points

It is expected that each student is responsible for attending and participating in daily class rehearsals. Participation in rehearsals is a portion of your overall grade. If you are not in rehearsal, students should be held accountable and should make up the time.

Participation points have been entered into the grade book.  If your absence from a rehearsal excused, you can make up the points by completing a practice assignment.  If your absence is UNEXCUSED, you are not able to make up the points.  We will discuss this new policy in more detail in class. 

Directions on how to make up participation points for an EXCUSED class rehearsal absence:

  1. Set goals for your practice. What do you want to work on? You can discuss tone, intonation, rhythm, bowings, etc. Include the piece(s) and the area(s) or measure numbers from the piece.
  2. Practice. You must practice for at least 45 minutes as you would have rehearsed in class.
  3. Record a 5 minute (minimum) practice excerpt.  This should be practice and not simply running through a section of your music.  Show your process.
  4. Upload the video to YouTube, and note the video’s URL.
  5. Submit this form.   (Use one form for each day you are making up.)

After verification, Dr. Laux will change your participation grade.


Congrats to the 13 AHS students who made the 2019 GMEA All-State Orchestra! We are proud of you and are excited that you will be representing the AHS Orchestra program.

  • Joy Best, Bass
  • Erin Cho, Violin
  • Michelle Cho, Violin
  • Sidhesh Desai, cello
  • Jenny Heo, violin
  • Eileen Liu, violin
  • Andrew Mulia, cello
  • Seoyeon Park, violin
  • Sarang Pujari, violin
  • Adam Wang, cello
  • Derek Wang, cello
  • Kaci Xie, viola
  • Joseph Yoo, viola

LGPE Performances

Our LGPE performances are scheduled for February 12 and 14.  Please see our itineraries below.

Tuesday, February 12, 2018 – Concert Orchestra & Philharmonia

BUS AHS to NORTHVIEW HS Leave: 12:05 PMArrive: 12:35 PM
AHS Concert Orchestra12:45 PM1:15 PM1:45 PM
AHS Philharmonia3:40 PM4:10 PM4:40 PM
BUS NORTHVIEW HS to AHSLeave: 5:10 PM Arrive: 5:45 PM

Thursday, February 14, 2018 – Sinfonia 

BUS AHS to NORTHVIEW HSLeave: 12:40 PMArrive: 1:10 PM
AHS Sinfonia Orchestra1:45 PM2:15 PM2:45 PM
BUS NORTHVIEW HS to AHSLeave: 3:20 PMArrive: 4:00 PM

Thursday, February 14, 2018 – Symphony & Chamber

BUS AHS to NORTHVIEW HSLeave: 4:20 PMArrive: 4:50 PM
AHS Symphony Orchestra5:00 PM5:45 PM6:30 PM
BUS NORTHVIEW HS to AHSLeave: 8:00 PM Arrive: 8:30 PM
AHS Chamber Orchestra *7:15 PM8:00 PM8:45 PM
*Chamber students get rides 官方app彩票下载安装 on their own

Solo & Ensemble Unit

After LGPE we will begin our Solo & Ensemble unit.  Each member of the orchestra will participate in a small group and will also prepare a solo.  Small groups will perform in class on May 10 and the Solo will be submitted via a YouTube upload, also due on May 10.

Upcoming Dates

Please see the for a list of upcoming dates.