Newsletter #2 – 8/30/19

Program Book Update

Don’t forget that all program ads are due next Thursday, September 5.

Please help me thank Beau Vinci Violins for agreeing to be our sponsor for the back cover of our program book this year!  In addition, let us thank Atlanta Violins and Huthmaker Violins for sponsoring the inside front and inside back covers.

This is a great fundraiser and we will profit nearly 100% of all proceeds!  Please let Dr. Laux know if you have any questions or concerns.

All-State Auditions

All-State Auditions, first round, will be held on Saturday, October 19 at Centennial High School.

The pre-registration form for Dr. Laux is due by the end of the day on Thursday, September 5, 2019!

After registering, students should then pay for their non-refundable audition fee online or via $25 check payable to AHSOA. Online payments for All-State auditions can be made at http://www./paypal

Important: 10th and 12th grade students who are EXEMPT from first round auditions (were in all state last year) should also pre-register using the above form.

Classroom supplies wish list

Parents — we are in need of paper towels, facial tissue, and a few bottles of household cleaner.  If you are able to help, please send these in with your child.

Playing Tests

Students did GREAT on their first baseline scale playing test!  It was great to hear everyone play and see a snapshot of where they are at the beginning of the year.  I am looking forward to monitoring and documenting their progress as the year continues.

Our second playing test has been assigned and is due next Friday, September 6 at 11:59 PM.  All students have been informed of how to submit their playing video and directions are online, under the Members menu.  Each orchestra has their own page with important links and, most importantly, their orchestra assignment calendar.

Folder check

Our first folder check was be this week.  This counts as a formative grade.  In addition to having their instruments, students are required to have their labeled folder, sheet music, and a pencil in class daily, Wednesday, August 27.

官方app彩票下载安装work / Practice

All students have orchestra 官方app彩票下载安装work daily.  This comes in the form of practicing! Students are responsible for learning their Notes, Rests, and Bowings (NRB) at 官方app彩票下载安装.  We refer to this as “NRBing.” Please set aside a set amount of time daily for practice.  Remember that smaller intervals of regular practice are better than a single, longer practice session.  

School Instrument Rental

All students using any 官方app彩票下载安装-owned instrument (this includes cello/bass players) are required to complete a “Use of School Instrument” form and pay a $50.00 yearly rental fee.  Instruments and bows are consumable items.  Bows frequently need replacing because the hair wears out, and instruments must have their strings changed at regular intervals. In addition, the instruments need tune ups when sound posts and bridges go out of adjustment.  This money will help maintain our fleet of instruments.

Rental Form:

Pay Rental Fee:


All students requiring uniforms should now have paid for them. Please do so if you haven’t (link) as we need to have all students in uniform very soon to take our group photographs for the program book.


Announcing auditions for the Beethoven Chamber Orchestra. Students can call Thomas Ludwig at 404-323-7578 (cell) or send an email to Thomas_ludwig@官方app彩票下载安装 to schedule an audition for Sunday, September 8th.  If you are curious, you can go to the Thomas Ludwig channel on youtube.



  1. B flat major 3 octave scale and B flat major 3 octave arpeggio.
  2. a piece of your choice or concerto movement. (we will only listen to part of it)


  1. E flat major 3 octave scale and major arpeggio.
  2. a piece of your choice or concerto movement.(we will only listen to part of it)


  1. E flat major 3 octave scale and major arpeggio.
  2. a piece of your choice or concerto movement. (we will only listen to part of it)


Any scale and piece.

Midwest Clinic Recordings Online!

The professional audio recordings from the Symphony Strings’ trip to the Midwest Clinic in Chicago last December have been put online by the recording company.  Listen an enjoy!

Upcoming Dates

September 6 – Program Book Fundraiser Ends

September 24 – Fall Orchestra Concert, 6:30 PM

November 8 – KSU Orchestra Invitational (Phil, Sinfonia, Symphony, Chamber)

Potluck Dinner Final Reminder!

Just a quick reminder that our annual AHS Orchestra Potluck dinner is this Thursday, August 22 at 6:30 PM in the AHS Cafeteria.

I hope that you will come join us for a night of food and friendship! The dinner will also serve as our first general membership meeting of the Alpharetta High School Orchestra Association (AHSOA). It will be great to see returning parents and meet all of the new incoming parents!  

Please sign up to bring a dish to share.

The AHS Orchestra truly is a big family and I hope to see all of you on Thursday!


Dr. Laux

Newsletter #1 – 8/16/19

Happy first week of 官方app彩票下载安装! It has been so nice seeing the students again and I am really looking forward to this 官方app彩票下载安装 year. Please read the information below and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Potluck Dinner

Our annual potluck dinner is scheduled for next Thursday, August 22 at 6:30 PM in the AHS Cafeteria.

It will be a night of great food, getting to meet each other, and a short presentation by our Alpharetta High Schoo Orchestra Association (booster organization) board members. The dinner will also serve as our official first general membership meeting.

We have a great year planned and want to tell you all about it! 

Instead of asking each section to bring a dish, we have decided to use Sign-Up genius for parents to sign up to bring different items (main dishes, salads, other sides, desserts).  The AHSOA will provide all of the drinks.


All students must have the proper orchestra uniform for concerts.

For girls, we have ordered a dress size run (sizes 0-20) and students will be able to try them on in class Monday so determine the correct size. Note: Dresses may have to be hemmed for length after we receive them.

For boys, our representative from Tuxedo WearHouse (Ms. Alice) will come in this Monday, 8/19 during classes to measure each of the boys to ensure a perfect fit.

Uniforms should be paid online at: http://www./paypal

Uniforms will not change and will last students through their orchestra career at AHS.  We are also working on a dress exchange program for graduating seniors and Tuxedo Wearhouse will accept trade-ins to upgrade sizes if/when necessary.

Program Book Fundraiser

The AHS Orchestra Program Book provides students, parents, and other concert attendees with a beautiful orchestra keepsake for the year. The Program Book also serves as an important fundraising source for the AHS Orchestra through the sale of advertisements.

Advertisements include personal ads from parents honoring their student and promotional ads from local businesses and corporations.

The program is professionally designed and printed. Included in the booklet is information about the AHS Orchestra program, professional photographs of each orchestra, a featured photo of the student leadership and 官方app彩票下载安装 seniors.

The program book will be distributed at all of the orchestra’s concerts. Please see the opposite side of this flyer for more information about selling advertisements and supporting the Alpharetta High School Orchestra!!

Please visit  http://www./ads to learn more about the program book, view more order forms, or even order ads online!

First Playing Test

Each orchestra will play a scale as part of their baseline measurement for the beginning of 官方app彩票下载安装 year.  Students will play in class for Dr. Laux starting Thursday, 8/22.  Details are on each of the orchestra’s respective assignments calendars that can be found on our website under the “Members Only” menu.  http://www.

OBOY Assignment

Students should be well into completing their Orchestra Beginning of the Year (OBOY) assignment.  This helps us collect information at the beginning of the year and get organized.  OBOY is due on Friday 8/23.

Fall Concert

Please mark your calendars for our Fall Concert on Tuesday, September 24 at 6:30 PM.  Each orchestra perform along with the WBMS and HMS 8th grade orchestras. For future dates, please visit the orchestra

North Georgia Honor Orchestra

The North Georgia Honor Orchestra will be on Friday/Saturday October 4-5 at Kennesaw State University.  This is a unique event designed to bring together the most talented pre-college string instrumentalists in and around North Georgia to focus on developing advanced technical and musical skills under the guidance of the exceptional KSU School of Music faculty. The two-day event includes orchestral rehearsals and sectionals, a faculty recital, and other activities, culminating in a performance by the orchestra in KSU’s renowned Morgan Concert Hall. Students are invited to participate based on nominations submitted by their orchestra directors. If you are interested, please discuss with Dr. Laux.

OBOY Assignment

Orchestra Beginning Of Year (OBOY) Assignment 2019

Part 1: Sign up for text messages on Remind. If you were previously subscribed to Remind, you will need to resubscribe.

Part 2: Read the AHSO Orchestra handbook and return the AHSO Handbook Acknowledgement Form (hard copy received in class)

Part 3: to Dr. Laux

Part 4: Update information on the (if necessary)

Part 5: Bookmark the (add an icon to your phone’s 官方app彩票下载安装 screen)

Part 6: Follow us on our social media accounts ()

Part 7: donation ($30)

Part 8: Pay for your Student Participation Fee Donation (SPF – $90) and Uniform (if needed).

Part 9: When all the above parts are done, please (20 point quiz)